The original Zetetic Astronomy is (finally) available!

by pizaaplanet

After entirely too long a time (I've been working on this on and off since August 2014), it is my pleasure to announce that a copy of the original 1849 pamphlet Zetetic Astronomy : a description of several experiments which prove that the surface of the sea is a perfect plane and that the earth is not a globe! : being the substance of a paper read before the Royal Astronomical Society on the evening of Dec. 8, 1848 by Samuel Rowbotham is now available for your reading pleasure at our library.

To those not in the know, this pamphlet was Rowbotham's first attempt at laying down his model of the Flat Earth, which has then been expanded into the much more thorough book Earth Not a Globe.

Previously, this resource was only accessible on microfilm in a small amount of high-profile libraries around the plane, many of which are only available to researchers. Bringing it back to public access where it rightfully belongs is a substantial achievement for our Society. Further work could include transferring the body of this document to a machine-readable format so as to allow for it to be searched and interpreted freely.

I would like to express my thanks to the US Library of Congress for their invaluable assistance in producing this resource.

Possible weird behaviour in Who's Online

by Parsifal

I've made a couple of fixes (one undoing some of the other; my first fix was somewhat overzealous) to Who's Online behaviour:

The purpose of these fixes is to get rid of error spam in the database log, so that we can more effectively tune up PostgreSQL, and also to help us notice real problems. That said, it's possible I've missed something important; the SMF code for updating the online log is very weird and complex.

The second fix linked above fixes an issue where the same user could appear multiple times in Who's Online, caused by the first fix. If you notice any other odd behaviour, please let me know.

New Wiki theme

by pizaaplanet

Thanks to Blanko's mad design skills, we have now updated our Wiki's default theme to one that's more consistent with the rest of our visual identity.

As it stands, this is still a work in progress and it's quite likely we'll be making changes and adjustments over time. Meanwhile, if anyone has any comments or suggestion, please direct them to either Blanko or me.

Thanks for flying Flat Earth!