Admin Resignation

by junker

Hello Everyone,

I am posting to let everyone know that I am resigning from my position as administrator here at As I have let Parsifal know, I am not resigning over anything negative or any dissatisfaction on my part. I simply want to go back to being a regular user for a while. I am not leaving the forum. I plan to be just as active as usual, if not more so. It has been quite the honor helping to shape this community with all of the great admins and mods we have here, I think we have created something pretty special. Anyway, see you all around <3

- junker

Rapper B.o.B joins the Flat Earth side!

by SexWarrior

Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, better known as B.o.B, has recently endorsed the Flat Earth Theory, originally through a series of tweets on his official account (@bobatl).

The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart... where is the curve ? please explain this

(Source: @bobatl)

Eventually, he came under fire from the notorious science communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson. B.o.B has handled this by doing what he does best - he released a song about his beliefs and deGrasse Tyson's deception, titled Flatline. You can listen to the track at B.o.B's SoundCloud.

We at the Flat Earth Society really appreciate the endorsement, B.o.B. We wish you luck on your path to discovering the truth!

New forum theme available

by SexWarrior

In response to our users' feedback regarding the forum's current theme, I am pleased to announce that we are now beginning to trial a replacement! Our new theme - blanko_fes - features a modern, sleek design, a more comfortable mobile experience, visual consistency with our other sites, and a number of small quality-of-life improvements. As is usually the case with major visual overhauls around here these days, virtually all credit for this effort goes to Blanko, with a little bit of assistance from Parsifal and my not-so-humble self.

Here are a couple of screenshots to give you an idea:

Mobile (index page):

Desktop (creating a new thread):

While we're fairly confident that this is an overall huge improvement to the FES browsing experience, we would like to hold back for a moment and allow our community a chance to have their say and provide feedback before we roll this out as the default. Chances are things won't be perfect out of the box - there will certainly be tweaks and adjustments to be made here and there. For the time being, we are making it available as an opt-in thing - if you'd like to help us with testing, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to start using the theme now, you can do so by going to the Look and Layout area of your profile settings and switching the current profile to blanko_fes. If you'd like to post any feedback, make suggestions or request additional features, please do so via Suggestions & Concerns, as per usual. I will also monitor the comments on this announcement for any questions that you don't feel merit a whole thread of their own.

We hope you enjoy this new theme and, as always, thank you for flying with FES.

Support independent Flat Earthers - help Darrell complete his experiment!

by SexWarrior

[Please note: Darrell Fox is not part of the Flat Earth Society, nor is he affiliated with us in any way. We have not been approached by him. We're merely trying to spread an interesting initiative on part of this independent FE'er]

A gentleman calling himself Darrell Fox is attempting to amass some funds to perform a Flat Earth experiment, which may be worth your consideration. To summarise the effort in his own words:

I will be doing several high altitude balloon launches at different times of day to get definite proof. At the salt flats. [...]  I have found some very excellent equipment I would like to send up such as a high-definition camera attached to a gimbal to cancel the rocking that causes lens distortion. I will also be putting a Raspberry pi computer with a sensor array to give us telemetry data and a GPS tracking device to find the unit. The sensor array is the Raspberry pi Sense hat.  I have had some comments here saying that I'm using GPS to find the unit after it descends proves the earth is a globe. GPS uses ground-based technology, the signal fails at a certain altitude.

His campaign seems to already be getting some traction, with over $400 amassed (out of his $1000 goal) today. Shoud you consider it worthwhile, you can support his experiment here.