Welcome to the future! A belated brief on 2015.

2015-02-08 by Pongo, Gulliver and pizaaplanet, tagged as 2015, earth not a globe, flat earth society, samuel rowbotham

It's 2015, and the future sure feels great! Lots of new and exciting things are happening at the Flat Earth Society as we herald in the new year. In 2014 we took great strides in the advancement of the Flat Earth Theory through discussion, debate, and experimentation. Our "global" cause lives on as strong and proud as ever.

2015 marks the sesquicentennial of the release of the second edition of Samuel Rowbotham's Zetetic Astronomy. The second edition expanded the original 16-page pamphlet into a detailed and substantial book henceforth known as Earth Not a Globe! It was these stones of knowledge that laid the foundations on which we built the towers of learning.

To celebrate this anniversary, we obtained a copy of the original 1849 pamphlet from the Library of Congress. It is our pleasure to announce that this once-obscure resource is now available free of charge from our Flat Earth Library!

In humbler news, 2015 looks to be the year of unification for the world's two most influential Flat Earth Societies. After much debate, we've agreed to reunite with our sister society at theflatearthsociety.org. The merging of these two communities would never have happened without the diligent work done in 2014. More details about the merger can be found here.

Whether living rimward or hubward, we all look forward to the exciting challenges and accomplishments that 2015 will bring to The Flat Earth Society.

Happy new gears!

2014-01-01 by The Flat Earth Society, tagged as 2014, celestial gears, new year

Happy new gears!

Have a great 2014, from all of us here at the Flat Earth Society!

Welcome to the Flat Earth Society

2013-12-09 by Parsifal, tagged as earth not a globe, flat earth society, samuel rowbotham

I am proud to announce the birth of a new Flat Earth Society, the latest in a long succession of Societies which traces its roots back to Samuel Rowbotham in the nineteenth century. A man with a keen sense of adventure and unparalleled will to question established wisdom, Rowbotham developed the foundation for modern Flat Earth Theory in his renowned book, Earth, Not a Globe, published in 1865.

In just over a year we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of this groundbreaking work, and Flat Earth Theory is still as strong as ever. This website exists as a breeding ground for zetetic wisdom; a place to foster new ideas and challenge old ones. Regardless of whether you agree with our philosophy or not, we welcome you to debate with us on our forum, and hope that in doing so you will broaden your mind and help to broaden ours.

As other Flat Earth Societies which have come and gone before us, we aim to carry forward the tradition of being untraditional; to push past the boundaries we impose upon ourselves and discover new truth in doing so. We hope you will join us on the path to enlightenment.