Support independent Flat Earthers - help Darrell complete his experiment!

by SexWarrior

[Please note: Darrell Fox is not part of the Flat Earth Society, nor is he affiliated with us in any way. We have not been approached by him. We're merely trying to spread an interesting initiative on part of this independent FE'er]

A gentleman calling himself Darrel Fox is attempting to amass some funds to perform a Flat Earth experiment, which may be worth your consideration. To summarise the effort in his own words:

I will be doing several high altitude balloon launches at different times of day to get definite proof. At the salt flats. [...]  I have found some very excellent equipment I would like to send up such as a high-definition camera attached to a gimbal to cancel the rocking that causes lens distortion. I will also be putting a Raspberry pi computer with a sensor array to give us telemetry data and a GPS tracking device to find the unit. The sensor array is the Raspberry pi Sense hat.  I have had some comments here saying that I'm using GPS to find the unit after it descends proves the earth is a globe. GPS uses ground-based technology, the signal fails at a certain altitude.

His campaign seems to already be getting some traction, with over $400 amassed (out of his $1000 goal) today. Shoud you consider it worthwhile, you can support his experiment here.

Petition for Google to recognise 2016 as the Flat Earth Anniversary

by SexWarrior

There is a petition currently going around asking that Google recognises the year 2016 as the anniversary of our movement's resurgence. While this has been started independently of the Flat Earth Society, it calls for the recognition of many of the world's prominent Flat Earthers and the debate they have started.

Through our combined efforts, the Flat Earth subject is becoming more and more popular. While the beliefs of different FE organisations may differ strongly at times, it is crucial that we stick together and strike the iron while it's hot.

Some excerpts from the full text of the petition:

We ask Google to recognise this movement, which has trended over 600% in just the past 12 months, by marking 01/01/2016 as the anniversary of the Flat Earth Movement and changing the Google Doodle image appropriately.

Men and women who choose to think for themselves, who stand up to the face of ridicule and mockery because they truly believe to have found the truth and will not allow any man to stand in their way.
The truth is the truth, whether you like it or not.

You can support the petition here.

New forum staff appointments

by Parsifal

You may have noticed that we've had some forum staff changes in the past day. The goal of these changes is two-fold; first, I wanted to fill the admin position left vacant by pizaaplanet; and second, I wanted to ensure that our moderation team is composed of currently active members.

To start with, I'd like to thank Gayer and Roundy for their service as moderators in the past. However, as both of them have become occasional posters, I decided to replace them with new recruits.

Blanko has been promoted to administrator. This change is largely ceremonial, and a long time coming; he's already been making outstanding contributions to forum discussions, moderation, website design and more for months. Now that he has access to the admin panel, there are fewer obstacles to him continuing to do so.

Your new moderators are Pongo and Rushy. They have both been on FES for many years, I believe they both have cool heads, and they are active contributors in different sections of the forum. Their long years of assimilation into FES culture will serve them well in their new roles.

Please welcome your new overlords moderators, and may they serve you well.

The original Zetetic Astronomy is (finally) available!

by SexWarrior

After entirely too long a time (I've been working on this on and off since August 2014), it is my pleasure to announce that a copy of the original 1849 pamphlet Zetetic Astronomy : a description of several experiments which prove that the surface of the sea is a perfect plane and that the earth is not a globe! : being the substance of a paper read before the Royal Astronomical Society on the evening of Dec. 8, 1848 by Samuel Rowbotham is now available for your reading pleasure at our library.

To those not in the know, this pamphlet was Rowbotham's first attempt at laying down his model of the Flat Earth, which has then been expanded into the much more thorough book Earth Not a Globe.

Previously, this resource was only accessible on microfilm in a small amount of high-profile libraries around the plane, many of which are only available to researchers. Bringing it back to public access where it rightfully belongs is a substantial achievement for our Society. Further work could include transferring the body of this document to a machine-readable format so as to allow for it to be searched and interpreted freely.

I would like to express my thanks to the US Library of Congress for their invaluable assistance in producing this resource.